Dave Marston

Dave Marston

Dave Marston is the publisher of Writers on the Range,, an independent nonprofit dedicated to spurring lively conversation about the West. He lives in Colorado.

Solar panels stand near the Pine Ridge Indian Health Service in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. (Makenzie Huber, South Dakota Searchlight)

‘Outsulation’ and ‘flexiwatts’: Saving energy can help close the demand gap

By: - January 25, 2024

The experts tell us an energy gap looms. Fossil fuels are phasing out, and solar and wind power can’t produce enough electricity to meet the demand in coming decades. But that’s not the thinking of Amory Lovins, the 76-year-old co-founder of RMI, formerly the Rocky Mountain Institute in western Colorado.  A Harvard and Oxford dropout […]

Jonathan Bartley and Adrian Lacasse of Durangoats LLC. (Courtesy of Dave Marston)

Goats can be a flammable forest’s best friend

By: - October 9, 2023

Goats are particularly good at one thing: Eating. Unlike a horse or cow that leaves noxious weeds behind, goats eat the whole menu of pesky weeds, bushes and small trees. That means goats can be one of the answers to the growing problem of tinder-dry, highly flammable forests. In Durango, Colorado, former firefighter Jonathan Bartley […]

(Xuanyu Han/Getty Images)

The energy gap nobody wants to tussle with

By: - January 4, 2023

Many Western states have declared they will achieve all-renewable electrical goals in just two decades. Call me naïve, but haven’t energy experts predicted that wind, sun and other alternative energy sources aren’t up to the job?  Alice Jackson, former CEO of Xcel Energy’s Colorado operation, was blunt at a renewable energy conference in February 2020: […]